Private Label

Put your name on our quality with a private label from Woodstock Farms Manufacturing. We work with our customers to develop a unique private label program by carefully considering the individual needs of each of our business partners. We tailor everything to your specifications: product line, packaging, labeling, size, certifications. It’s all at your fingertips. We can even work with you to create a custom trail mix!

 Image: Increase your profit margin  

Increase your profit margin
Keep more of what you sell when customers choose your label

 Image:  Take control of your business strategy  

Take control of your business strategy
Enjoy marketing and pricing flexibility and easily adapt to meet demand or create seasonal products

 Image: Connect with your customers  

Connect with your customers
Take advantage of high quality products to build customer loyalty

 Image:  Declare your independence  

Declare your independence
Cut out the middle man and free your business from the additional marketing costs of national brands

 Image: Grow and share the savings  

Grow and share the savings
Help your customers by providing them with more affordable pricing


Labeling Options

Use your own designs or take advantage of our in-house design team, and let us help you create a custom label to fit your vision.

Customize everything from style of package, to size, weight, and printing method.

Start building your product line now!

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Apply your label to one of our clear square or round tubs, or choose a clear pillow or gusset bag to show off the product inside.  Or create a professional, eye-catching pre-printed film bag.  Our design team is on hand to tailor a label to your brand, or to provide you with templates to create your own.

Image: Containers for your own label
Ready to wrap it?

Check out our packaging capabilities or talk to us about finding a custom packaging solution.