Packaging Options

 All packaging is BPA-free. Woodstock Farms Manufacturing’s broad range of packaging options frees you to tailor the size, weight, packaging style, and presentation of your product to perfectly fit your brand and your price point.   Most products are nitrogen flushed for a 10-12 month shelf life, and all packaging is completely BPA-free.  


Bag Program

Both gusset & pillow bags are available in clear plastic with front and back label, 100% pre-printed film, or in-line printing.  Choose from a wide variety of sizes from single-serving to multi-pound bulk for all of our bags.  Browse our wide selection of natural and organic items, or talk to us about finding the ideal bag for your brand.

Image:  Woodstock Farms Gusset Bag


Image:  Woodstock Farms Pillow Bag

Gusset Bag

Hangs from pegs or stands on shelves
and includes a re-sealable zipper.
Wide range of sizes available, including
multi-pound bulk perfect for foodservice.


Pillow Bag

Hangs from pegs or sits in displays;
great for single-serving proportions.
Pillow bags can be customized to
any width or length.

Image:  Variety of Gusset Bag Sizes

Image:  Variety of Pillow Bag Lengts & Widths

Get in touch with us to get a quote on a customized bag program.


Bag in Bag Program

Featuring a large resealable outer gusset that contains multiple single-serve pillow bags to take on the go. Great for school, work, sporting events, or road trips.

Image:  Woodstock Farms Bag in Bag


Tub Program

Our clear tubs are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs, and are a great way to let show of the product inside.  All tubs are clear with top and bottom labels (side labeling options available) and include an inner tamper-evident film seal that increases shelf life.  Talk to us about tub packaging options or to get a quote.

Image: Woodstock Farms Round Tub

Image:  Woodstock Farms Square Tub

Round Tub

6 3/4" round tubs available in a
range of depths, great for family sizes.
Tubs stack neatly on shelves.

Square Tub

4 1/2" round tubs available in a
range of depths, versitle as
single-serving or family size.
Tubs stack neatly on shelves.

Image:  Variety of Round Tub Sizes

Image:  Variety of Square Tub Sizes


Get in touch with us to get a quote on a customized tub program.


Jar Program

Our value added, family packed Jars are made of a clear PET material. Traditional or flip top lids available.

Image:  Woodstock Farms Jar


Find your bulk solution.

Looking for bulk?

Find our bulk offerings here, or drop us a line to discuss a customized bulk solution for your brand.